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For Debt-Free Financing


We have a saying, “You don’t do business with the secretary, but with the boss.”

Working directly with the final decision maker will help streamline the process and curb miscommunication. Of course, the final decision maker can delegate tasks.

Those who facilitated our business relationship will be compensated and may be included in our communique at your discretion.

Business plan development is a service offered by FT Asset Management; one of our consultants can help you develop a plan in order to begin the process.
Please refer to our rate schedule for pricing and details.

A concise, clear business plan with the capital requirements for your project; a Customer Information Sheet (CIS) with the entity’s name, address, your name as the final decision maker.

Your plans should also include what you expect, in timelines, projected financing needs.

With that in hand, we can structure the best solution and steer the process towards your desired timeline.

Also before getting started, we need a signed rate schedule that can be downloaded here.

Who can do business with
FT Asset Management

If you are able to connect us with the final decision maker for the project, we can compensate intermediaries. We require a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement and the Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement to be signed for intermediaries.

In principle, we only work with organizations, including businesses, government and institutions with capital requirements of 10 million euros or more.

Different types of banking instruments

A conventional SBLC is used to guarantee payments of a commercial transaction and can used to transport capital.

An SBLC with Lloyds Credit Default Insurance makes our instrument easier for banks to accept as it protects the bank, should the payer (FT Asset Management, in this example) default on its obligation. 

After the contracts have been signed, we will provide you with a transaction code (TRN code) of a cash transfer with in the SWIFT network.

With this TRN code, your bank officer should be able to locate the transaction and download it for you.

With traditional international bank payments, MT103 SWIFT messages are sent to the receiving bank and arrive in a short period of time. The money itself is send through the respective central banks and generally arrives several working days after the message is received. 

With an MT103 One-way, we will send the SWIFT message. After that, we exect that the money will be deposited in the receiving bank. On basis of this deposit, we will initiate buy/sell transactions with our network of vetted buyers and sellers. The profits from these transactions will be used to finance your project. 

Since the MT103/SWIFT message is sent but the funds do not arrive at the receivers bank within the expected timeframe, the bank will probebly take the money of from the account. this would allow us enough time to implement a transaction and produce the expected profits. 

As with any financial transaction, especially those outside the central banking system, it is imperative you speak with the bank to discuss your transfer plan with them in detail.

We are available to help facilitate these discussion; it is also advisable to speak with the owner or primary responsible party from the bank.

With a MT103 Manual Clearance transaction, FT Asset Management will send an MT103 Credit Transfer message to the receiving bank indicating that we have withdrawn funds from your account with us.
The receiving bank will then credit the receivers account with this amount.

On basis of this deposit, we will initiate buy/sell transactions with our network of vetted buyers and sellers. The profits from these transactions will be used to finance your project. 

It is highly advisable to discuss your financial plans with the officers of the executive level at your bank to avoid misinterpretation.

FT Asset Management is available to assist with these discussions.


FT Asset Management’s Telex provider is able to send and receive Telex message to any country listed here: 

Processing time

Costs and fees

There are many ways for project or corporate financing: traditional bank loans, selling company shares, engaging an angel investor, and more - including Debt-Free Financing.

We provide the cash needed for your project without the need for interest-bearing payback or shares in your company. We do this by using initial capital to initiate buy/sell transactions with our network of screened and trusted buyers and sellers. Profits from these transactions are used to fund your project, while we continue to buy and sell to create profits that will continue funding your project.

We ask customers to pay direct third-party costs that we incur. We strive for the lowest possible costs.

After your project has been financed, we will continue the buy/sell transaction to fund our portfolio of selected projects and for our company.  

This is a win-win situation where no debt is created, your project is funded and our company is able to continue its business.

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